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The Research Group of MeSA Lab participated in the 6th Industrial Informatics Festival i2fest 2015 Kavala, Greece. The MeSA Lab and the 46 volunteers, gave their best for another year! The team presented the best of their previous year Projects in the kiosk of our lab. The exhibits, which this year count to 13 from the overall 33 being presented, were concerning automations and robotics in various cutting edge technological fields. More specifically:

1. Laboratory application of an ABS system, by Katsardos Panagiotis, Panidis Seraphim.

2. Modern user identification system, by Vaitsi Katerina, Grillas Konstantinos, Ketsetzis Argurios, Nalbandi Elisavet.

3. Accident prevention automation system for schools and playgrounds, by Ioannou Evaggelos, Koufoulis Panagiotis, Paparguriou Marina, Papoulidis Ilias.

4. Fully controllable and condition adaptable system, by Doublis Georgios, Kamma Ioanna, Kounios Georgios, Patsiouras Nickolas.

5. Automated lighting model for special conditions, by Kotidis Alexandros, Sikeridis Charalambos, Spathoulas Nickolaos, Chatzigeorgiou Georgios.

6. Retro-entertainment platform using Raspberry PI, by Avgenos Nikolaos.

7. Swarm robotics application, by Georgios Barzegar-Dovom Konstantinos Triantis, Vikendios Tsartis, Anastasios Fotopoulos.

8. Robotic arm developed for educational kinematic analysis, by Desiniotis, Elenkova, Katsanevaki, Semertzis.

9. Study and navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), by Zetas Menelaos, Kiourtoglou Fotios.

10. Design and study of a printer head for 3D biodegradable material printing, by Moralidou Maria.

11. Design and study of laser engraving system, by Zourmpanos Dionisios.

12. Design, study and construction of parallel 3-freedom axes mechanism (3-RPS), by Ediaroglou Nickolaos.

13. Design of xy-plane movement mechanism and its simulation in computer, by Marinos Christos.