The Research Group had a successful participation in the 5th Industrial Informatics Festival i2fest 2014, held at Kavala, Greece.  The MeSA Lab in participation with the “Athena” Research Group and the 26 volunteers, gave their best for another year! Overall the kiosk was visited by more than 3000 visitors who browse among the nine exhibits.

  1. Security system using Wireless Sensor Networks and Unmaned Aerial Vehicle.
  2. Mi -home. A remote management and control application of household.
  3. Rail system control.
  4. A technical and cost evaluation of solar heating systems in Greece.
  5. Robotic arm control using advanced interactions
  6. Air humidity, temperature, contact, vibration and acceleration measurement using Arduino microcontroller.
  7. Arduino – iphone e-Health Senspor Platform.
  8. Design and manufacturing a Fused Deposition Modeling 3d printer.
  9. Design and manufacturing a DLP-SLA 3d printer.

This year the laboratory and its director received the special award for the continuous and tireless presence at the festival. An overall presentantion of the exhibits can be found here.