The Mechatronics & System Automation Laboratory participated successfully,  in ECESCON 8 presenting the paper “Special Conditions Lighting, Study Analysis And Automations” by: Alexandros Kotidis, Haralampos Sikerides, Nicholaos Spathoulas, Georgios Hatzigeorgiou and Maria Charalampidou .

Special thanks to S.G. Mouroutsos!

Abstract -Nowadays, it is common place the necessity of the study of lighting in an area. Especially, in the case where the conditions of the room is special (overcrowded atmosphere, increased room humidity, etc.), proper lighting design enhances both safety and functionality of the site. In this study, special lighting case studies are analyzed. Afterwards a number of automation solutions in special lighting installations using suitable sensors and actuators are proposed. The aim of the proposed automations is the increase of efficiency and decrease of functional costs of the plant. Finally, a laboratory model of automated special lighting installation is presented.

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