Postgraduate Courses
a1) Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, DUTh

  1. Mechatronics, 1998-2000, 2008 – present
  2. Measurements of Wind Resource, 2008 – present

Undergraduate Courses
a1) Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, DUTh

a2) Department of Enviromental Engineering, DUTh

  • 14. Electrical Systems II, 1997-1998 (6th & 8th semester)
  • 15. Environmental Measurement Technology, 1998-1999 (6th semester)

a3) Department of Architectural Engineering, DUTh

a4) Department of Production and Management Engineering, DUTh

a5) Department of Elementary Education, DUTh

  • 19. Computers: An Introduction, 1988-1992 (2th semester)
  • 20. Use of Computers in Educational Process I, 1989-1992 (3th semester)
  • 21. Use of Computers in Educational Process II, 1989-1992 (4th semester)
  • 22. Elements of Computer Science – Mathematics, 1989-1992 (2th semester)

a6) Department of Pre-School Education, DUTh

  • 23. Computers: An Introduction, 1988-1992 (2th semester)

a7) Department of Medicine, DUTh

  • 24. Computers: An Introduction in Medicine, 1989-1991 (2th semester)

Diploma Thesis

During the period March 1982 to date, we have supervised many diploma thesis objects which are primarily in the following areas:

⎯ Development of software for signal analysis-systems.
⎯ Application of microcomputers in industrial control.
⎯ Development of software for microcomputers to solve problems of classical and modern control.
⎯ Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
⎯ Computer Graphics and CAD / CAM.
⎯ Digital Image Processing.
⎯ Expert Systems.
⎯ Mechatronics and Robotics.

Proposed Topics:

During their studies students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh) build thesis in a subject which relates to the direction of study followed. The thesis is compulsory and lasts for one semester. The thesis is a systematic approach and analyse a problem, considering the existing literature and available data and using the knowledge gained throughout their studies.

The purpose of the thesis is to give the graduate student the opportunity to:

  • Utilize his/her knowledge to address real issues.
  • Find appropriate data sources and literature.
  • Evaluate which of the methods, views and information are most appropriate for the issue to consider.
  • Writes comprehensive, understandable and above all learn to structure the work Introduction – Analysis – Conclusions & Recommendations.

In this context and following the regulations, the Diploma Thesis, which are prepared under the supervision of Associate Professor Spyridon G. Mouroutsos, are proposed.


  • Seminars Studies in E-M installation using the software package of the 4M Company, ESYD Seminars.
  • Educational Program, lasting 40 hours, certified by STAREGISTER (Certification Number SCC 01/06), from 15-19 June 2007 in topic: ISO 9001:2008 Inspectors / Quality Lead Auditor
  • Mechatronics organised by International Center of Mechanical Science, in Udine of Italy. The seminar was referring to new ways of tackling problems of design and control of electromechanical systems.
  • Computer Aided Design in Research and Industry, organised by Patra’s Technological Educational Institue in collaboration with European Research Centre ISPRA.
  • Transparency Preparation Workshop, organised in Engineering School of Xanthi in collaboration with the company 3Μ, in Xanthi.
  • Renewable Energy Sources, Kavala, ELKEPA
  • Information Technology, for graduated students from Hellenic Universities and Technological Education Institutes, Xanthi, ELKEPA
  • Organisation of Production, for technical staff, Kavala, ELKEPA
  • Modern Business and Information Technology, for graduated students from Hellenic Universities and Technological Education Institutes.